Fabric Printing Services


As an alternative to embroidery, we offer fabric printing services. We use high quality fabric ink for all fabric printing. Most fabric printed orders are ready to be shipped in 12 business days.

Artwork For Fabric Printing

Recommended graphic formats for fabric printing is 300 - 600 dpi (dots per inch) or vector files. Vector files are created in Abode Illustrator or Corel Draw. Other acceptable formats are EPS, TIFF, PSP, JPEG, and BMP. Fabric printing from other formats may require us to redraw the artwork and an artwork hourly rate will be charged.

All fonts should be converted to curves and images should be embedded.

When printing a photograph or other type of artwork on an article, the image should be the highest resolution possible. With fabric printing, remember, what goes in is what comes out and higher resolutions provide better quality products.

Materials to be printed on must be at least 80% cotton, and if mixed with polyester, it must be a polyester blend. This includes T-shirts, jeans, jackets, hoodies, and essentially any type of clothing or material desired.

There is no limit to potential printing options. Photographs, sayings, stock designs, custom orders, or your own designs. You are limited only by your imagination. For the one of a kind design consider the fabric printing and accenting with embroidery.

Fabric Print Pricing

Fabric printing pricing is based on image size and color of the material being printed on. For example, a T-shirt, including a typical logo of 4" X 4" on either side of the front, would cost approximately $10.00.

White material is the most economical to print on, and is the recommended choice if printing photographs of people. Dark materials require a white base applied prior to color application so colors stay true. This then adds to the cost.

Why Use Fabric Printing?

Fabric printing offers a practical alternative for larger designs which would be too expensive to embroider. Fabric printing of promotional products or garments enhances marketing and sales opportunities. Fabric printing when washed will only lose 1% of color and the design will outlast the garment it is applied to.

Contact Us To Learn More

To inquire about our fabric printing services and get a quote please fill out this form and e-mail it to us. Also, to ensure an accurate quote, please e-mail us the image to be used for your fabric printing order. We never use or sell artwork submitted to us for the purpose of a quote.